Dominique: Co-Founder and Board President
Amanda: Co-Founder and Board Secretary

Our Story

We thrive on connections

Connecting with others is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that everyone needs a Village of support and encouragement, and ours expands with each connection.

“Our Village Closet has helped our community by providing unsheltered moms, youth and young moms, as well as Resource Families get supplies they may need.” – Emily, Resource Parent & Advocate

Dad toddler goat

“…I’m so grateful for everything you’ve helped me with. All the baby items I use from you and other supporters, I just smile when I use the items or see them. I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ll never forget you.” – Former Foster Youth

“Our Village Closet was a lifesaver when we brought a baby home and needed a co-sleeper, pack and play and preemie clothes. All we had to do was ask and everything magically appeared. Preemie clothes delivered to our door. It felt AMAZING to be so supported!” – Heather, Resource Family

“We felt alone and like no one really understood the needs we had around the kids in our care. Dominique and Amanda, along with others in this growing village, made us feel heard, and helped us connect to extra support.” -Resource Father