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2022 4C’s Champion for Children Award: Strong Families

We are so proud of our Executive Director Amanda for being chosen for the 2022 Champions For Children Award in the Strong Families category.

These awards are given by the 4C’s of Sonoma County.

Amanda is a tremendous advocate and gift in the foster community.

Amanda pictured with Sonoma County Supervisor for District 4, James Gore

North Bay Spirit Award – July 2021

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Video of Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Click to watch the Official Grand Opening of Our Village Resource Center- June 2, 2021

Press Democrat Article: North Bay Spirit Award

July 25th, 2021

Press Democrat Article- June 2021

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RAISE A CHILD- 2022 Honors Gala

Meet this incredible family we are are honoring at this years HONORS gala ✨ The BILLY & JESS HEADINGTON family ✨The Headingtons are a shining example of a resource family that fully supports a child and their family. They hold true the values of their agency, especially the value of inclusion and acceptance of any youth in their care. They are strong in their LGBTQ+ affirming practice and have a parenting skillset based on trauma-informed care. They have welcomed several children into their home, fully accepting of who they are and where they are in the healing process.Though they are full-time employed at two local non-profits, they still have found flexibility in their life towelcome in children for emergency care and for thehigher level of care of ISFC. They even took time offwork to provide respite care for two young children theydid not know who was living with a resource homeoutside of their agency.Join us to celebrate this incredible family on November 5th for RaiseAChild Honors!

Billy and Jess Headington also give back by serving on the Board of Directors for Our Village Closet

Spotlight on one of our awesome supporters and parents!!

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Emily R. and Kristopher

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