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I Won’t Give Up

image of wall with hole in it

I won’t give up on you.

No matter what.

Hard to like. Easy to love.

These are daily phrases in our family. This is the 7th hole of its kind in our walls. It won’t be the last. This time, no one got hurt. This time, relational repair happened quickly.

Some days I can’t see straight, I feel so lost in the maze of explosive kids, hard behaviors, broken attachment, medical needs, and therapy appointments. What new thing do I need to change? Did I miss something. Do I need to track something differently? Change meds? What do I need to work on to help this child succeed? Why does it have to be so different from what that child needs? How much do I have left in me? Who can I get help from? How can I get help? Who will help if I’m not here?

Do overs. Grace. Forgiveness. Resolve. Commitment. Moments of connection. Repair. Learning together. Apologies. Progress. Renewal. Growth. More grace. More do overs.

This is our family. This is our today. This is our tomorrow. This is foster care. This is our yes. This is adoption.

We are so grateful there are people at Our Village Closet who understand this. -Amanda & Chad

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