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Two Birthdays, Three Mothers

little girl with curly hair

Published by Amanda Mueller Kitchens  · February 15, 2019  · 

We celebrated the birthdays of 2 Littles in our home this week. As always, I become reflective leading up to and on the day of a birthday…wondering about belly moms and belly dads- how they feel, what they may be thinking about their babies with another family.

This week, on a birthday, I had an interaction with one belly mom that left my heart soaring and aching all at once. Between the words, I could feel, for the first time, that we are motherhood. Not the motherhood I imagined, but no less amazing.

It is that “messy beautiful” you often hear us talk about. It is knowing this child is hers in a way that will never be mine and vice versa. It is knowing her child will always be hers no matter how the story continues. It is knowing this child has part of my heart no matter where she lands. This motherhood honors her, humbles me and loves our (hers and mine) child through all of the waves.

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