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Guest Post

baby boy

Published by Dominique Soileau  · April 30, 2019  · 

Thank you Brandy for sharing this with us. Brandy is a kinship provider who stepped up for a child in need. ❤️

3 years ago I met this beautiful, special, gentle, innocent soul at CPS for an Icebreaker meeting between his Foster Mom, Dominique, his grandma and myself. It was the beginning process to bring Logan to our family and our home. We were given only 3 days to revamp our home from a teenager friendly home to a CPS approved, baby safe home. We worked endlessly for 3 days. We gathered furniture, supplies, I spent a lot of time and money at Walmart buying supplies, toys, clothes, food and other small items needed. Ok, so I really enjoyed the Walmart shopping trips and buying cute little outfits and toys again!

This journey has had many ups and downs, CPS social workers, awesome attorneys who have always had Logan’s back, and judges. Lots of appointments, CPS visits, and court hearings. I had no idea that this little boy would steal my heart immediately and that he’d lead us to this beautiful life we now have. We began with the intention of only fostering Logan, but I couldn’t let him go. Now here we are, just shy of 3 years in our family. May 4th we picked him up from Dominique and Kevin.

Never in a million years did I think I would find a best friend and a family with Dominique. Thank you for loving Logan as one of your own Dominique, and for sharing your home with him when he needed protection most. You were his light in a dark hour. I love you for who you are, and all you do for us. I couldn’t love my little fire ball any more. He’s taught me about endurance, strength, resilience, compassion, empathy. I’ve learned about things I never knew existed: CPS, trauma, in utero exposure and the lasting effects. I’ve spent hours driving to therapies, specialists; we’ve had endless evaluations and diagnoses. We’ve learned about medications, IEP’s and advocacy. I would not trade one moment of this challenging, joyful, tearful new life.

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