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Brave love

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Published by Dominique Soileau  · February 16, 2020  · 

Brave Love…What is this messy beautiful brave love we talk about at Village Closet?

Brave Love is the mother kissing her newborn at the hospital, preparing to send him home with a stranger.

Brave Love is the grandmother sewing quilts for each new “grandchild” who comes through her daughter’s foster home.

Brave Love is the 14 year old, watching a toddler move into his father’s home while wondering if she will ever live with her siblings again.

Brave Love is ambiguous grief.

Brave Love is fiercely advocating for a child, even when it directly conflicts with your own desires.

Brave Love is rocking a child to sleep for 1,002 nights before saying goodbye.

Brave Love is dropping off food on a grieving families porch knowing that depth of grief intimately as your own.

Brave Love is a patchwork heart.

Brave Love is messy and beautiful and complicated and never ending.

Brave Love is this foster care life of ours.

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