Judge Day

family at court signing adoption papers

Published by Amanda Mueller Kitchens  · April 29, 2020  · 

Today is Lyla Joy’s Judge Day Anniversary! ♥️ Tonight we have ketchup with hot dogs and lots of ice cream!! Just like with Gracie Girl last week, we celebrate resilience, enduring love, family AND remember belly families while honoring the ambiguous grief that comes up with these days.

It’s all part of that beautiful mess we reference. Yes, many double-dip feelings!! We are honest and open with each Wildling about their stories and families (age appropriately). Do we get it wrong sometimes? Oh yes. Is it easy? Hell no. Is it necessary? Absolutely. Do we remind them of how many people love them no matter where, when and what?

Always. Always. Always.

So today we hold space for JOY and GRIEF and LOSS and BEAUTY. We celebrate who Lyla is in AND to our family, send love to and for her belly family…and also smile at the memory of the cowboy-boot-wearing Judge from 6 years ago. ♥️