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20 Mother’s Days

3 women smiling on Mothers Day

Published by Dominique Soileau  · May 10, 2020  · 

Some people think foster care is about brokenness. Broken families, broken children, broken system. I want to tell you what it’s really about. HEALING. Healing families, healing relationships, healing support networks.

I have only been doing foster care for close to a decade, however I have been part of a healing relationship for over 20 years. This is what healing looks like. Two teenagers, one premature medically fragile infant. One teenager from a place of privilege and education, the other raised on independence and life skills. One brought attachment culture and fierce love, the other brought child development and stability. Together we have brought the best of us (and sometimes the worst of us) to raise this beautiful girl.

Breaking cycles, bringing opportunities, and teaching me that healing is possible when we surround families with support and love.

Two decades we celebrate this Mother’s Day thankful for each other.

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