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The Hard Question

a butterfly on sidewalk

I knew I wanted to post about #SuicidePrevention and awareness today, but didn’t realize how it would come about. I had some infographics in my notes to share. I had some statistics. Yet the day moved along with still no post.

Then Dominique and I saw this butterfly on the sidewalk at our OVC Resource Center. It grabbed me. It stopped me. It reminded me to pause and check in. Okay, I knew what to post about. I thought.

Then I was faced with a situation in the evening where I had to ask the hard question of someone I care for deeply…”Are you thinking of …killing yourself?”. The air was heavy. The answer was yes, then no, then yes again.

As I listened to the answer, as I sucked in my breath, the butterfly flashed into my mind. And then an insane amount of strength and peace (maybe courage?) settled in as I listened, cried with and helped this individual.

No, asking for help is not weakness. No you are not a burden. Yes, you matter. Yes, we want you to stay. No, this darkness will not last forever. Yes, I am here for you. Yes, we can find help. Know the signs. Be brave and ask the hard question. Then sit in that hard spot, and help. Not fix, not solve it all, but help take the next step. Do the next right thing.

Know the signs. Ask the hard question. Listen. Be there. End the stigma.

– (a heavy hearted) Amanda


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