3 women smiling on Mothers Day

20 Mother’s Days

Published by Dominique Soileau  · May 10, 2020  ·  Some people think foster care is about brokenness. Broken families, broken children, broken system. I want to tell you what it’s really about. HEALING. Healing families, healing relationships, healing support networks. I have only been doing foster care for close to a… Read More »20 Mother’s Days

family at court signing adoption papers

Judge Day

Published by Amanda Mueller Kitchens  · April 29, 2020  ·  Today is Lyla Joy’s Judge Day Anniversary! Tonight we have ketchup with hot dogs and lots of ice cream!! Just like with Gracie Girl last week, we celebrate resilience, enduring love, family AND remember belly families while honoring the ambiguous grief… Read More »Judge Day

family at beach

Brave love

Published by Dominique Soileau  · February 16, 2020  ·  Brave Love…What is this messy beautiful brave love we talk about at Village Closet? Brave Love is the mother kissing her newborn at the hospital, preparing to send him home with a stranger. Brave Love is the grandmother sewing quilts for each… Read More »Brave love

boy leaning against wall, smiling

Two Sleeps

Published by Amanda Mueller Kitchens  · September 9, 2019  · Two more sleeps. Two. Two women. One boy. She gave him life. I now help him live it, watch him face it, guard him as he grows. She gave him his blue eyes and freckles. I get to see those eyes… Read More »Two Sleeps

little boys on merry go round

I Will Not Let You Fall

Published by Dominique Soileau  · July 15, 2019  ·  “I will not let you fall.” Six simple words whispered with the conviction only a three year old can possess, meant for the ears of his younger sibling. Childhood developmental trauma is something brutal. Daily battles with unrelenting fears and chaotic minds… Read More »I Will Not Let You Fall

baby boy

Guest Post

Published by Dominique Soileau  · April 30, 2019  ·  Thank you Brandy for sharing this with us. Brandy is a kinship provider who stepped up for a child in need. 3 years ago I met this beautiful, special, gentle, innocent soul at CPS for an Icebreaker meeting between his Foster Mom,… Read More »Guest Post

3 kids holding hands and walking

Stuff. More Stuff

Published by Amanda Mueller Kitchens  · December 20, 2018  ·  The pages of Dominique’s story and mine intertwined while sitting around a table at a foster care support group. Like Dominique, my journey to this point started a little over seven years ago, when my husband and I became what is… Read More »Stuff. More Stuff

Dad toddler goat

That Midnight Call…

Published by Dominique Soileau  · December 15, 2018  ·  It has been seven years since my husband and I became a foster home, now known as Resource Parents. Three years ago we had settled in with our two now adopted children and I had an itch to step back onto the… Read More »That Midnight Call…

butterfly on boy's finger

If I Saw You Again…

September 11, 2020 It is our boy’s birthday today. He is lovely, intense, loyal, explosive and rigid, playful, quirky, curious, smart and thoughtful. He yearns to be loved and accepted, and yet struggles to show his connection and feelings to people. His soul seems, at… Read More »If I Saw You Again…